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Domain history of attorneybellinghamwa.com

By Earnest Art

About the website attorneybellinghamwa.com

The website attorneybellinghamwa.com was created for attorney Rico Tessandore. The website included all of attorney Tessandore’s areas of practice. He was a lawyer who specialized in personal injury and criminal defense. Upon opening the website, the visitor would see a photo of attorney Tessandore right away. On the left side, the name of his law office would be found and under that, his areas of specialization would be seen. 

The navigation links to other pages on his website were highlighted in orange. There was an option to click on home, an option to read about his firm, and the options to read about his practice areas. 

On the right side of the page, there were links to articles that visitors could read about especially if it’s related to their care. There was an option to read about DUI/DWI, legal tips for car accident victims, juvenile defense, and FAQs. 

On the homepage, the visitor would see a quote from attorney Rico Tessandore that said, “protecting victim’s rights, defending the accused, and seeking a positive solution through all possible legal avenues.” It also had smaller writing below that said, “Please contact me for a free legal consultation today.” 

The website also showed the attorney’s office address, contact number, and email address. To read other related articles, visit Accident Lawyer News.

Services on attorneybellinghamwa.com

The website offered a lot of services to the visitor. If someone was looking for a personal injury lawyer or a criminal defense lawyer, attorney Tessadore was someone that they could come to. On his website, the visitor may be able to click on the “Personal Injury” button and they would be taken to a different page. The page had a header that said “Personal Injury and Auto Accident Injury”. 

On the “Personal Injury” page, the visitor would be able to read about how attorney Rico Tessandore may be able to help in their accident. He laid out a general plan about how they may be able to help the client. The lawyer also explained the Law of Negligence on the “Personal Injury” page. He explained the law in a way that a non-lawyer person would be able to understand right away. They also explained the duties of a driver and the defenses available for car accidents due to negligence. 

If the visitor clicked on the “Criminal Defense” button, they would be taken to a different page that outlined the potential penalties for criminal offenses. Then, a list of criminal offenses was listed on the page and it also included the possible punishment for each offense. For example, attorney Tessadore listed Gross misdemeanor on that page. He also wrote that a misdemeanor offense is punishable by up to 365 days in jail and a $5000 fine. The page listed DUI, Reckless Driving, Driving While License Suspended in the First and Second Degree, and Assault in the Fourth Degree-Domestic Violence as gross misdemeanor offenses.

Aside from those, the website also had an option to read blogs from attorney Tessandore. One blog on the website was called “Ten Legal Tips For Auto Accident Victims”. This blog post outlined important tips for those who are the victim of car accidents and gave them an idea of what they should do after an accident to ensure that they receive compensation for their injuries. 

Attorney Rico Tessandore also had other legal articles on the website that would be helpful for the visitor. It contained many different kinds of information. The visitor could scroll down to the bottom and they could find the links for the articles on the left side of the page. There were over 20 articles that a visitor may be able to read. 

About Rico Tessandore

Attorney Rico Tessandore represented clients in both superior and district courts throughout the state of Washington. His experience included personal injury cases, civil, and criminal cases. Mr. Tessandore handled over 1000 cases throughout his career and he was able to bring all those to resolution. 

Rico Tessandore grew up in King County. He is the son of a single parent. He was also the first person to graduate from college in his family. For his undergraduate studies, he went to Seattle University and attended Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts. While he was at law school, he also worked for Chief Federal Judge Joseph Tauro. 

Rico Tessandore graduated from law school in 1998 and served as a law clerk to the presiding judge of Snohomish County Superior Court. After that, he worked for the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office where he was nominated for Attorney of the Year. Following his work at the prosecutor’s office, he moved to the civil arena and worked for Hollenbeck Lancaster Miller and Andrews. After that, he ran his law firm.


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