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About the Website

The website was a website created for Wheeler, Montgomery & Boyd Law Offices. The law office was located in Vancouver, Washington. The website was a beautiful and simple website that was used by the visitors to know more about the law firm and the rights of a victim in a personal injury case. It was a very straightforward website with only two navigation links at the top.

On the landing page, the visitor would see a link to the Facebook page and to the email address of the law firm. On the opposite side, the visitor would see the firm’s logo with the words “Vancouver, WA personal injury” written on it. The website also had a short introduction to the Personal Injury Law in Vancouver, WA. To read other related articles, visit Accident Lawyer News.

The first paragraph on the homepage said “According to Washington state law, personal injury is the legal definition for an injury to the body, as opposed to an injury to another party’s property. Personal injury can also include emotional and mental injury. The term is often used in conjunction with a lawsuit accusing that the plaintiff’s injury has been caused as a result of another person’s negligence. The law allows a victim of a personal injury to recover the cost of losses due to that injury.”

There was also a link at the bottom of the paragraph that said “Learn More” and it would redirect the visitor to another page that gave an in-depth explanation of the personal injury law in Vancouver. Below this paragraph, a list of the most common types of personal injury claims can be found. These types of personal injury claims include road traffic accidents, accidents at work, brain injuries, assault crimes, accidents at home, product defect accidents, holiday accidents, and medical and dental accidents.

At the bottom of the page, there was also a photo of a bandaged hand with the words “protecting victims of personal injury accidents” next to it.

Services on

On the homepage, the visitor had the option to read about personal injury law, the most common types of personal injury claims, and the types of potential expenses the victim may have to pay. The website said that the types of potential expenses paid back or compensated include loss of personal effects, property damage, past and future loss of earnings, past and future treatment fees, medication costs, cost of home adaptation.

On the other side of the page, the visitor would also be able to read about hiring a personal injury attorney in Vancouver. The website said that hiring a personal injury attorney would not only ensure that the person would be treated fairly but that they will also receive the full amount of compensation they deserved.

The website also stated that “A personal injury attorney will handle all communications with the insurance company, saving you the hassle of dealing with them. Your attorney will also line up expert witnesses, fill out court paperwork, file documents, and explain the whole process to you in terms you can understand. If your injury or illness is ongoing, your personal injury lawyer can connect you with health care providers who will wait for payment but still give you the treatment you deserve.”

Another option that a visitor would find on the website is a button on the header that said “Accident tips”. After the visitor clicked on that link, they would be redirected to a page that discussed important information about working with insurance companies and how someone would be able to receive the compensation they deserved for their injuries.

About Vancouver, Washington

Vancouver, Washington is a city located in Clark County on the U.S. State of Washington’s north bank. Vancouver was founded in 1857 and is the fourth-largest municipality in Washington. Vancouver is the county seat for Clark County. It forms part of the Portland–Vancouver metropolitan region, which is the 25th-largest urban area in the United States.

Many Native American tribes inhabited Vancouver, including the Chinookan and Klickitat, who had permanent settlements in longhouses made of timber. According to Chinookan and Klickitat, the names of the area were Skit-so-to-ho (or Ala-si-kas), which means “land with the mud-turtles”. William Robert Broughton made the first known European contact in 1792. Approximately half the native population died from smallpox in the area before the Lewis and Clark Expedition arrived. In the next fifty years, other diseases like measles and malaria had reduced the Chinookan population to a handful of refugees, landless, unemployed, and swindled from a treaty.

Vancouver is just north of the Columbia River and Oregon border. It lies just west of the Columbia River Gorge that cuts through the volcanic Cascade Range. And just east of where Willamette River enters Columbia. Vancouver is located in Washington’s Western Lowlands. Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Rainier, as well as Mount Jefferson, Mount Jefferson, Mount Adams, Mount Jefferson, Mount Jefferson, and Mount St. Helens if the Puget-Willamette trough, formed by Coast Range and Cascade, are visible if clouds don’t cover them.

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